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5 min readNov 5, 2020

Do you think diseases are hereditary?

“Hereditary is not the cause of illness. It is the ‘mindset’ that makes the illness Hereditary.”

“Hereditary is not the cause of illness. It is the ‘mindset’ that makes the illness Hereditary.”

As I grew up, I always heard that diseases are hereditary. Especially diseases like BP, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, cancer, etc. These are some of the diseases which every one of us thinks is hereditary.

I always have a difference of opinion in this particular topic irrespective of what is stated by doctors, researchers, or any other experts. As everyone has their own opinions according to their own experiences.

I am here not to challenge the experts, but today I just want to share my understanding with my experience in this regard, as the subject is always extremely sensitive in my life.


I have observed that most of the time we feel it is hereditary because it is been printed in our minds by our society, doctors, our family, and a lot of information outside. Information is overloaded outside and the more we want to consume it, the more overloaded we feel.

To be frank, have we ever even thought of evaluating why and how this illness made its way into our bodies in the first place? Simple and logical questions that never occurred to us. Isn’t’ it?

Even my husband was a patient with hypertension at a very young age and before we start to think of healing, or thinking about cure….the statements and declarations like “this is hereditary, papa had, most of your siblings are having this, your grandparents had ….. so, it is in our genes”, It is ok, start medication and you will be alright. Started pouring in these kinds of statements.

All these talks and statements start playing in our minds and the mind manipulation begins. What will we do at that time? We immediately without even giving a second thought, consult the doctor and start medication: right? This is what happens 90% of the time.


My question here is that by doing this, are we taking full responsibility of that disease to be cured completely?

So we would not be able to take complete responsibility because behind our mind there is ‘Statement Strip’ running which says ‘Anyways it is hereditary so fine: ‘I am anyways taking medicines, what else I can do?’

So we normally imprison these thoughts in our mind and for ‘US’ the issue is settled.

But have we ever thought of changing this pattern in our life?

I think in most of the families it happens like this and no one is ready to shift their thoughts so easily, unless it comes within and with a strong will.

I have realized it in a hard way especially after losing an important person from my life, I have gone into deep research and study on this. I found a lot of different opinions on this subject.

I have learned that for “Every condition in our lives, there is a NEED FOR IT otherwise, we would not have it.”

I strongly feel that most of the diseases are related to MIND, EMOTION, OUR DIFFERENT THOUGHT PROCESS and definitely THE LIFESTYLE, especially thyroid, diabetes, BP, these are absolutely the lifestyle diseases, even cancer, lung-related, gastritis, kidney failures, gallbladder stones. etc…..so many … there is a big list of the diseases which is all related to EMOTIONAL SETBACK and LIFESTYLE.

One more observation I would like to stress upon here is that some early experiences too can shape some disorders as a child. The child’s mind is so accustomed to the family and is automatically grooved into the family health line, which grows along with the child.

There are lots of other diseases which are accidental, or by birth ….… we are not talking here so deeply about all those.

My point here is quite simple are we taking OWNERSHIP of ourselves?

Are we taking RESPONSIBILITY for ourselves?

I observed and experienced that we can take responsibility for those activities, which we feel that no one else can do and I am the only one to take care of and handle.



· Are we conscious about our body, our thoughts, our actions?

· Are we conscious about our food intake? How much to put inside and when?

· Are we conscious about our lifestyle, our daily exercises?

We are not conscious of all these things and always look for excuses. Because if we become conscious about all of this then we need to work on it.


· We need to control our taste buds.

· We need to control our lifestyle activities, like eating on time, sleeping on time, control on your social activities….. etc.

· We need to take up the physical exercises where WE need to work on that, not the doctors or a bunch of pills!

We all are having a fixed mindset and strong belief systems and we are not yet aware, to be flexible enough to change those fixed thought process which can probably make a great difference in our life.


We are all intelligent and aware of so many things, but still, something is lacking and that is ‘OWING YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS YOUR MIND, BODY AND EMOTIONS.’

So, let us begin today by taking owning our actions and responsibilities towards ourselves, our body, mind, and emotions.

Lots of love and Affection💕😊

Vandana Raj — (Pen name — Vindi Kohli)😊

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