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“My Purpose Birth Story”

“12 th February 2014 — A Day of Awakening”

It was 31st Jan 2014; my mom has hospitalised in Bangalore — Narayana Hrudayalaya hospital…

She came to Bangalore on 30th Jan to celebrate New year with me. She landed here with a lot of wheezing…

She had Asthma. So, off and on, she used to get these wheezing attacks, but after nebulizing, she always used to be alright.…

We thought it was the change of weather and place, so that might be the reason she had caught the infection.

My entire family, mom, dad, my sister, brother and sister-in-law… all were together in Bangalore to celebrate the new year.

They were all planning to go to a nearby resort and look for different options.

We took her to the hospital in the morning to get her nebulized… We thought she would be better, and then we all would celebrate the new year together.

My parents always used to think about me, my happiness, and my children’s well-being. All the time, they were concerned about me.

This time they wanted me to come to Chandigarh, but I could not go because of work pressure and low back pain. So, they all planned to visit me here in Bangalore…

Sometimes certain things are not in your hand. Destiny plays a significant role in your life at times.

She got admitted to the ICU. Again, we had hoped that she would be fine in a couple of days, but her situation started deteriorating day-by-day. And she was put on the ventilator.

At that time, I realized our situation as children… sometimes I felt how selfish we were as children because we did not want to lose her, so we were unknowingly torturing her with so many needles, and high-pressure clinical instruments, which was making her condition worsened than to be okay. And sometimes I feel, NO, we have to save her at any cost. Isn’t it?

Exam time!!!…. 😔😔

She was in the hospital for more than 45 days.

We all tried, but ….

Then, at last, the day came when we, all siblings, had to take a call for her life, whether to make her struggle this way or make her release from her sufferings.

It was the 12th of February 2014 when this powerful, strong, extremely loving person left us and went on her new journey of abundance.

That was when I realized that many things are not in our hands, and certain things happen for some reason.

Then I went down memory lane and started evaluating the situation and why she got such bad lungs and realized that my mom was very active. She was the school’s principal and highly energetic and positive towards life, always smiling and cheering.

She used to travel 20 km every day to a different city. In those days, the standard transport was roadways buses…Slowly, she developed more carbon dioxide in her lungs because of her travelling.

Moreover, people were not that conscious about their lifestyle in those days… She had never practised any physical or mental exercise. She was always busy serving others.

But the irony is that at her last breath, she was alone. 🔸

It is so surprising that even my dad had the same end; his lungs stopped working in the last.

In my dad’s case, he was a chain smoker for more than 35 years, and later he left smoking, but the damage was already done. That impacted his body which was shown later in his life.

What I mean here is that any disease, whether emotional, physical, or lifestyle related, all starts at a young age, from 25 to 40; diseases start growing in your body for many reasons. It could be through unhealthy eating, exertion, stress, anxiety, and fear of the unknown because that’s when you finish your studies and immediately start your career. And then the pressure to get married 😊😊… Isn’t it?

Then we sometimes went to bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles; why? Because of lack of Awareness

Nobody has taught us the balance between the mind-body connection. We just logically live our life without awareness of how important our body is.

We will only get to know the problems within the body when we grow old, maybe, after 50 or so, because the body parts start shrinking as we grow old.

We must understand the human body’s tendency is that at one stage, our body starts moving towards the perish stage, not the growth stage.

Right! That’s what we have learnt…

So, when I understood this concept, I started studying and trying to go into depth about it.

I understood that the word perishes just in the books. It is nothing like no growth in the body, but Mind has the power to change, and the growth is in the change.

Growth is how we think, whether emotional, cognitive, spiritual, or physical.

And the way you think, the way your body grows. So, the body is the slave of your mind. If your mind grows into high vibration, your body will get that energy and act accordingly.

Today I am a holistic healer, guiding people in their internal growth and helping heal their deep-rooted emotional, mental & physical fears. Diseases will never stay in high vibrate energy, so I guide them on creating powerful AURA around them and teach them how to be the creator of their Destiny.

It says Pain always teaches you something. Losing my mom and Rajnish has changed my entire outlook on this life.

I started working on myself a lot. I went into the depth of my Mind and body and started understanding the connection. My main purpose was to heal my deep-rooted fears, which was the cause of my low back pain.

I realized how important it is to be in the present situation. Be mindful of whatever you are doing, especially creating your THOUGHT.

Mom, Dad, Rajnish, and Picky di all have taught me how important it is to understand my body, and I can only understand my body deeply by understanding my Mind.

Today this purpose has been given to me by my supernatural guides. They have shown this path of wisdom and freedom.

I learned that you never find your purpose; your purpose finds you one day. 😊💚

The purpose is something which needs time to flourish, we need to be open and work on ourselves, grind ourselves, polish ourselves, and be out of our comfort zone, and the Purpose will find YOU.

Today is my mom’s Awakening Anniversary (12th Feb).. This day is so unique as she decided to leave one day after my birthday (11th Feb) so that I must celebrate my birthday without any guilt or sadness…That’s the power mothers have, whether conscious or unconscious; they always think about us, Bless us…

Love you, mom, 💕💕

Let’s pay gratitude to our parents. 🙏💕

Thank You, almighty, my guardian spirit, my spiritual gurus, masters and the Angels 😇, who have shown me the right path and made me courageous to hold this path.


Thank You so much. 😊

Love 💕




A founder of Find My ‘ME’ a Holistic Healing Retreat. She is here to identify the True version of yourself & help you to Find the Inner Purpose of your life.

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Vindi Kohli

A founder of Find My ‘ME’ a Holistic Healing Retreat. She is here to identify the True version of yourself & help you to Find the Inner Purpose of your life.