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“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.” — Barbara A Goff.

Have you ever felt lost in your life? Have you ever felt like you want to achieve a lot but do not know how to proceed?

Maybe you have an idea or a thought, but you do not know how to create and execute your ideas in a better way to get better results. You might know your goal but maybe your sense of direction is missing? And there may be many more questions to which you want your answers.

Life is quite monotonous after a point of time; we get so engrossed and busy in our day to day lives, that we are left with no time for ourselves. Life has become mechanical, instead of innovating, we repeat our routines in a set pattern for years together.

No matter what we do, most of us are still dissatisfied with the way life is and there is always a part of us that wants to be progressive and wants to do something different as it is very important for one to challenge oneself time and again.

We often complain about our Life and business coming to a standstill, and we as an individual feel like we are not growing, this eventually results in stress and anxiety.

Experience has taught me that life is all about Learning. Learning keeps you going, it keeps adding new parameters to your life. It helps you in your way of thinking. It helps you in mend your mindset, helps you grow; it opens your intellectual qualities. It makes you skilful, confident, and perfect at what you do.

I was a very curious child and was confident but ignorant at times. When I was in school I was never fond of academics and as a result, my grades were never impressive.

As time passed by and I grew older, I started realizing my potential and started looking up to my surroundings, my siblings, my parents, and my grandfather as my Role Models. As a result, I became more aware and serious about getting better. I started to realize the importance of studies and the importance of perfection and therefore, my journey of learning began.

Even as a homemaker I looked for opportunities to keep learning new things and thrived to excel at it.

I always believed in staying up to date with the fast-paced world around me. I never lost an opportunity to learn new things, be it Spirituality, cooking, fashion designing, interior designing Business management courses, etc.

I always jumped at any opportunity that came my way. Eventually, I realized just learning everything is not enough. Implementing and making use of this knowledge is even more important and that is what really matters.

Even though I was running two successful companies I never missed an opportunity to join different forums to widen my horizon. I joined institutes like IIM Bangalore, PLP, and personal training in my field to grow and expand my company and widen my knowledge.

As learning always teaches you to be upgraded, and confident and gets you to be aligned with your thoughts, making you aware of your own weaknesses, and most importantly, LEARNING KEEPS YOU GROUNDED. There is no age bar to learn, according to me, life is much more interesting if you are always a student, inquisitive about your body, mind, or the materialistic world.

We need happiness, success, wealth, and health in life and these things are related to 4 Segments / Bodies which are really important for us, i.e, PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL. These segments are the pillars of our GROWTH. And even if one is missing, our growth will be hampered and it will impact the other segments as well.

Experience is the greatest teacher above all, after learning I tried to implement what I learned but always felt the lack of direction to take things forward. As I never realized that I needed to balance all my 4 Segments/ Bodies.

Venturing into new segments and managing a business is not an easy task, but everything happened in a blink of an eye, and we started 3 new ventures at the same time. The idea and intention were right, but the approach and direction were not.

Detailing and Direction is important and so is a good and smooth system, the absence of which led to mismanagement.

I was upgrading myself but never had continuous support of hand-holding in different segments, which I realized much later in my life. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to get it all together and get things to normal.


I had the knowledge, I knew my goal but I lacked the method or the way forward. This is when I realized the answer to all my questions and what I needed in life was- A MENTOR, A TEACHER, A GURU or A GUIDE.

I needed a MENTOR in every segment, who could guide me in every step and gave me some clarity and direction in my day to day approach.

Yes, a MENTOR is someone who can help you break your set patterns of your thinking and give you the ability and confidence to learn more and perform. He/ she will also give you the courage and trust in your own abilities and the belief that you can achieve your goals. A MENTOR is someone who allows you to see hope within yourself.

How many of us agree on this?

The reason I narrated the above incidents is that even though you are comfortable in your space but in order to avoid situations where you feel stuck or lost, it is important to have a MENTOR who would guide you through every step and influence you positively, by alerting you with the possible failures or hurdles.

I am sharing this thought with you because I have felt and experienced, that one should not wait to commit a mistake and then realize the importance of a GUIDE/ GURU or a MENTOR.

Avoid the situation where you are stuck in your life, either FINANCIALLY, EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY OR SPIRITUALLY. At any time if you feel that you are stuck in any of these 4 segments, immediately take a call to have A MENTOR, in your life who can help you in all these areas.

A MENTOR is like the mirror of you, who can see things that you cannot see because they are watching you from the Bird’s eye view, which help them to analyze the situation better. A MENTOR takes a long-range view of your growth and development. He/ She Helps you see the destination but does not give you a detailed map to get there rather they help you to explore your own limitations.

So now please sit and evaluate which of your areas are grey in your life? is it career? Is it your job? Is it your relationships? Married life? Social life? Spiritual life or any other area?

List them out and identify what kind of A MENTOR or A GUIDE is suitable for you. A MENTOR could be anyone, Your Friend, Teacher, Parent, a Well-wisher, or an Expert.

Once you identify your MENTOR, at that time do not think and calculate, just hire or share your thoughts and feelings with them because one RIGHT EXPERT / MENTOR can change your life and bring happiness, satisfaction, success, fame, power, and money to you.

So, do not wait and start your search TODAY!!

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