“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

By Albert Einstein

By default, for most mothers, their personal goals revolve around their children. Therefore, my excitement and happiness knew no bounds when my oldest and youngest daughters tied the knot with their respective Prince Charming in 2019 & 2020. Yeah, I know, two back-to-back weddings in a span of just six months. This was beyond a dream come true for me.

The whole world struggled during COVID, and so did I, but COVID was a blessing in disguise for me in a few ways. It gave me a break I needed from my work and gave me a different perspective towards life.

2020 was an overwhelming year. What happened this year will most likely stay in my heart for a long time. When I look back over this past year, I cannot help but be grateful for a love story that blossomed out of all the chaos and uncertainty surrounding this pandemic. A love story or a relationship which we do not usually get time for because of our mundane lifestyle and daily firefighting. A love story between Me and Me alone. And that is when Find my ‘ME’ was born.

At one point, my life became very monotonous and comfortable. I would get up, go to work-come home- sleep and REPEAT. We are all so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we never really find the time to push ourselves to our maximum capabilities. At the end of the day, I used to wonder if I had actually done anything.

Some people need a kick, and some, love this routine and wouldn’t mind doing it for the rest of their life. When your mind is programmed with this routine, it really does not allow you to focus or think about anything else, especially when it comes to your own well-being. The results of a routine lifestyle end up in stress, and pressure, affecting your health and mind. You rely on other factors like smoking, drinking or anything else that calms your nerves or eases pressure, which is great; you should let go sometimes and enjoy yourself. Everyone needs a break; we are all humans at the end of the day.

In this circus of life, we hardly ever see the importance of falling in love with ourselves. Just you and yourself are alone. We do not realize the importance of knowing; what makes me happy? what do I like? What upsets me? What do I like doing?

To make others happy around us, we tend to let our personal wishes and desires take a back seat.

In 2002, When I lost my husband 20 years ago, I had absolutely no confidence in my abilities as to how will I run the house and raise my three beautiful daughters, who were just 14,11 and 8 years old at the time. Sitting in Amritsar with my family after finishing the last rights of Rajnish, my mind was clogged with anger, distress, pity and fear. I had completely lost faith in life, in God, everything and everyone.

As I was a homemaker, and only knew how to take care of the house and kids, then I was going to take up the biggest challenge of my life to become the sole bread-earning member of the family, face a new world, and start a new beginning. I felt like a Jhansi ki Rani who would fight a battle. I am going to cut my sad story short and cut on the Rona Dhona a bit.

I did start working in a corporate company, and I knew this wasn’t for me. When I have always been the Boss of the family, I knew I couldn’t work under someone even though they offered me a comfortable salary. Thanks to Rajnish, he always supported me to study further and pursue whatever I wanted to. I had already finished my Fashion Designing course before he left us.

And that’s when I decided I was going to open my Fashion boutique, and I opened my studio ‘Vandana Raj’ from my home, and that’s where my Entrepreneurial journey began. Even though things were settling in slowly and steadily, I always had in mind my husband’s dream to start a construction company, and along with his friend, and now he’s my business partner Mr Sai, I started our company in 2007. I had absolutely no idea about construction and its technicalities, but I jumped right in and learnt everything from scratch, and in no time, we became a million-dollar company.

Well, this is just about my professional journey and how it began and how I ran two successful businesses for the longest time.

I hope you all resonate with me on this. For some of you, you guys are working in the corporate world, and for some, it would be about running your own business, just like me. But throughout my journey of being a working professional, I never stopped prioritising my OWN SELF. In every phase of my life, I got to know myself better.

Along with concentrating on making a living and taking care of my three daughters, I also made time to understand my true potential and who I really am. I was always very curious as a kid about everything, and I used to ask my parents a lot of questions about WHY for every little thing.

So, throughout my life journey, I wanted to know WHY about a few questions like WHY DID THIS HAPPEN WITH ME? WHY HAVE I BEEN BROUGHT INTO THIS WORLD? And so, I reached out to various spiritual Gurus and started meditating and Healing.

You must be wondering, eventually, did I find the answers?

Well, there are no answers to these questions. The only question that remained was, WHO I REALLY AM? And I always knew the answer, but I also did not know it!! This is exactly what it is with each one of us, we all know the answers to everything, but we just do not know it at the top of our heads.

I am sure each one of us is looking for these answers somewhere. Isn’t it?

And then we all have that one little inner voice in our heads that says, “you have not come to this world just to work, earn, raise kids or make everyone happy. There is something special in you, and you can be different.” And this thought was there in my subconscious mind. It is believed that when you enter a meditative phase in your life and learn to be quiet with your thoughts, you move closer to your PURPOSE. You unknowingly start manifesting what you really want. And the same thing happened to me when I suddenly decided to start a new venture, FIND MY ‘ME’ Holistic healing Retreat. This was my SOUL CALLING. My AHA Moment in life.

For me, the LOCKDOWN became FREEDOM; it reversed the entire philosophy for me. FREEDOM of my mind, my surroundings, and so-called society.

I felt that I must help others around me and create a program which I am greatly confident about, which has helped me in my own thought process and transformed me into what I am TODAY.

Unknowingly, I was already helping and motivating many people around me. I realized that I could motivate and help those struggling to understand their life’s purpose and unaware of their existence.

Find My ‘ME’, self-explanatory, is the foundation that each of us needs to recognize. When you go deeper and understand YOU, then it brings Clarity, Inner peace, and Inner health, and you will feel much stronger Emotionally and Mentally.

As we all are, most of the time in the Outer world, we completely ignore our Inner World. And Everyone needs to understand their Inner world to know the Outer world.


Then only life becomes easier and happier, and one achieves their desired life without any constraints. I fully believe and understand that finding oneself is a lifelong process; in each stage of our lives, we sometimes lose and then again try to find our own selves.

Find My ‘ME’ A Holistic Healing Retreat where you can learn to Master your Inner Self. It is the beginning of your journey of Self–Discovery, Self-Awareness, and identifying your True Purpose.

You will be able to Balance your Mind & Body and achieve Emotional Congruence, Peace of Mind, Self- Love by using the RHYTHM HEALING TOOL.

Let us be together to co-create the Holistic Echo System where you can be the Ringmaster of your own life.

By using the RHYTHM HEALING TOOL, you will be able to balance your Outer and Inner worlds and BE THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN DESTINY.

2020 has had a few downsides business-wise, but if I try to look at the bright side, I have come to realize that it has been the best year for me to motivate ME to make the best out of ‘ME’…

On this, I am reminded of a famous verse oft recited by my father, authored by famous poet Iqbal:

‘Tu Shaheen Hai, Parwaz Hai Kaam Tera

Tere Samne Asman Aur Bhi Hain..

Sitaron Se Agay Jahan Aur Bhi Hain

Abhi Ishq Ke Imtihan Aur Bhi Hain’

Let’s all together create the beautiful world around us and practice Mindful Awareness in our daily lives.

Thank you so much for reading my story.

Lots of love

Vindi Kohli



A founder of Find My ‘ME’ a Holistic Healing Retreat. She is here to identify the True version of yourself & help you to Find the Inner Purpose of your life.

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Vindi Kohli

A founder of Find My ‘ME’ a Holistic Healing Retreat. She is here to identify the True version of yourself & help you to Find the Inner Purpose of your life.