“When life come to a standstill with no direction, then it is time to change”


Adopt Changes with Open Arms

I often get to hear one of the pain points of people is the fear of “CHANGE” both professionally and personally. CHANGE is the Law of Nature and it is important we adapt it for a better life. Every change leads to a new beginning and to begin with, first, we need to acknowledge and be aware of the precise meaning of the word CHANGE. Our mind always hiccups with many doubts about CHANGE.

The importance of ‘WHY’ in CHANGE.

As in my Live session I said, CHANGE affects every aspect of life, be it professional or personal and it impacts immensely towards positive personal development. The internal change helps in focus better.

Making a change would mean letting go of certain ideas. Are you trying your best to hold on to that? Let us figure out some of the impressions of change. When do we think that we need a change?

· Do I need a change?

· Is everything okay in life or does something seem a miss?

· When do you think it is time to change?

· Do you think changes are related to the age or phases in life?

· Do you think changes are related to the circumstances?

· Do you think you want to CHANGE when something goes wrong or you are not comfortable with?

· Do you think you need to change when someone enters your life?

· Or do you really want to change because you want to know yourself, your identity?

· When was the last time you went through a change and why?

So there are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to having Changed in your life.

In fact, I would like to give one very simple example of the change is that many of you are practising yoga or any other physical exercise and initially when we start, how much we struggle to get our posture right. So, we create thought and that thought helped us to change our thinking and it gives a signal to our body and that is how our body moves.

The brain (Mind) is like software, it requires constant updates to keep up with the times to work better and faster. Every new software update fixes the old issues and bugs in the software. So, it is like mending your old beliefs and making a change in the way you perceive things around you.

The theory of CHANGE can be unnerving. Nevertheless, change is an essential part of your advancement journey and for the most part, should be accepted. Change is necessary when people face a disagreement between expectation and reality. It takes time and energy for these changes to occur, and it is best done when the mind, body, and spirit are in harmony. You must continue with a mental understanding of the situation. Expect to deal with the emotional components of transition that may emerge as anxiety, misery, joy, excitement, apprehension, relief, etc.

Change empowers you to turn out to be a better version of yourself. Exercising and endorsing change yourself is one of the most gratifying methods you will ever experience. If you successfully identify the areas that need change, then it is a step towards commitment, confidence, and a sign of growth.

Some changes are beyond your control, no matter what you do, it is difficult. Sometimes, Change and External factors play a battle resulting in dramatic effects in your life. But, looking on the positive side, the changes which are off your limits, teach you a lot and make you stronger and more flexible. Slowly, the external factor starts to prepare you to handle your internal changes.

Every change has some impact on life. It helps you with a new opportunity, face the pressure and a critical situation, progress and at times helps you to move on for better results.

It is indisputable that Change is a fundamental piece of your life and one cannot exist without the other. Change is inevitable and sometimes it occurs without your consent So, it’s better to embrace the course of change and make it your own along the way.

Sometimes, you are not happy with the way life is but most times, takes its turn and results in frustration. Instead, of mending our way, you continue to repeat the routine knowing that it is futile. You fail to understand that the only way to come out of this frustration is to change our mindset.

It does not matter where you belong, to be able to enter the right path or remove the hurdle and move ahead if through Change. It is not like setting the curd overnight.

You ought to persevere and continue through the process of making a change. Change can be made only by you and not by anyone’s wish or way. It is important to take control of your life and accept that CHANGE optimistically.

Are you resonating with my thoughts? Would love to hear from you!

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Vindi Kohli

I am a founder of the ‘Find My ‘ME’ Holistic Healing Retreat, a Journey to Self-Discovery.

I’m on a mission to Aspire to Empower at least 1 million Working Professionals to get clarity in finding their True Inner Purpose by using the R.H.Y.T.H.M Mind model.



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Vindi Kohli

Vindi Kohli

A founder of Find My ‘ME’ a Holistic Healing Retreat. She is here to identify the True version of yourself & help you to Find the Inner Purpose of your life.