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There is a famous saying by Oprah Winfrey- ”Turn your wounds into wisdom.”

In today’s fast-paced world, chronic stress is quite common and sadly,

it is our body and mind that become the victim of such stress.

Back pain is the most common complaint that we often get to hear.

The best and simplest cure for any kind of back pain is to stay active.

Here are a handful of tips that will help you relieve your back pain.

Today am here to share with you 5 magical tips to take care of your back pain.

1- Keep moving- Yes you heard it right. It is a myth that one should take complete rest in back pain. Along with some amount of rest, movement is always good for the back.

2. Strengthening & Mobility- To get back the movement to normal is a slow process and only stretches, strengthening & mobility of your back muscles is a permanent solution. Most of the medical treatments for back pains only give temporary comfort. So it’s important to keep your body active by doing some simple stretches and concentrating to strengthen your muscles around the pain area.

3. Avoid sitting on soft cushions, for example, a sofa or a bed, instead sit on a chair or flat surface. Also, make sure you do this at least thrice a week. Lie down on the floor with legs straight touching a wall or any other support (lie down in an L shape with your glutes as close to the wall). Stay in this position for 5 mins. This will help you in blood circulation for your pain and give you instant relief.

4. Posture is the key when suffering from back pain. Try to Sit erect most of the time. Keep a pillow below your knees and sleep in a straight position.

5- Everything is in the Mind — Most importantly, do not think about your pain, think about the action for that pain. A lot of the pain and illness are related to the mind.


It is the ‘thought’, the ‘want’ and the willpower that plays a vital role to recover. This is the formula to treat back issues.

Hope these tips are helpful to you … start implementing them from today…

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