2020 would be the year of Change, the year of Progress, the year of New Beginnings.

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New Beginning

By default, for most mothers, their personal goals revolve around their children. Being a single mother to three beautiful girls, I was always concerned about them and their future. Therefore, my excitement and happiness knew no bounds when my oldest and youngest daughters tied the knots with their respective Prince Charming in 2019 & 2020.

2020 was an overwhelming year. What happened this year will most likely stay in my heart for a long time. When I look back over this past year, I cannot help but be grateful for a love story that blossomed out of all the chaos and uncertainty surrounding this pandemic. A love story or a relationship which we do not usually get time for because of our mundane lifestyle and daily firefighting. A love story between Me and Me alone. In a quest to discover more and more about ourselves and wanting to Find My ‘ME’ more often than not, we go through a rehearsed pattern of life and love, where we learn to love our parents, siblings, our pets, and friends, partners, or materialistic things.

In this circus of life, we hardly ever see the importance of falling in love with ourselves. Just you and you yourself are alone. We do not realize the importance of knowing; what makes me happy? what do I like? What upsets me? What do I like doing?

To make others happy around us, we tend to let our personal wishes and desires take a back seat.

One major shift I brought in my life over the past 5 years is Trust, consistency, and discipline towards myself. I practised learning to be my own friend, to understand ‘ME’ well. The COVID-19 Lockdown just helped me to finally Find My ‘ME’.

This year was the year that taught me so much about Self-love, Relationships, and Life. And here am sharing some precious lessons from 2020.

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The lock down was a blessing to me.

In my mechanical 9–6 routine of going to office in the morning and coming late in the evening, I used to always think that I am worth so much more. I have the ability and skill of doing something very innovative and potentially valuable. Instead, I was so caught up in day-to-day activities and never really found the time to push myself to my maximum capabilities. At the end of the day, I used to wonder if I have actually done anything.

There were so many such thoughts in my mind from the past couple of years. Thanks to the universe who was always guiding me and showing me the right path. I got the time out that I was desperately looking for. I had all the time to give to myself, which I truly deserved.

I made use of each day and each moment. I felt that I have not worked so efficiently and devotedly, as I did during the lockdown. May be my mind was relaxed, no pressure of being answerable to anyone. It was my time and mine alone. I really loved it.

First, I evaluated my business and created the SWOT analysis report of the management, employees, and MY OWN SELF. This gave me the clarity that I was looking for. I created a proper roadmap for my existing businesses.

Each moment I was in gratitude, I have used each corner of my house and for the first time in these 20 years of my challenging life, I had enjoyed being at home like never before. My two lovely Beagles were the greatest companion to me.

First thing I did is I created the study place for myself near a window where I can peep out and take energy from the universe all the time. These babies of mine would sleep peacefully in this room as if it is their own territory.


Not everyone entering your life stays with you for ever in your life, and that is what I learnt in 2020.

Some people are friends, and some are just acquaintances. And 2020 has helped us to see it clearer. It is ok if you do not have a lot of friends. You must let people go and free up the space for someone that deserves it. These trying and testing times tell us and teach us the real value of friendship. We need to let go of some people and create the energy around us to attract the people who will make some difference in our life. A small and tight circle can be the best support network. With the extra time we have at home, this can be a great opportunity to build stronger bonds with our real friends.

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We normally do not value what we have. A healthy body, a breathing lung, a beating heart, these things we take for granted without realizing that can all can be taken away from us any moment.

That is why I am so grateful. It is a blessing to wake up with a roof over my head, knowing that my loved ones are ok. No money can buy the “basic things”. And I may not have realized all of the above if it were not for all the things that happened in 2020.

I immediately started my yoga practices As I had the time. I started complimentary yoga sessions. I started teaching the right way of breathing and asanas which help in not gaining weight while you sit idle at home. In fact, it would make you more fit and healthy. Without any planning and framework, I started immediately my Healing counselling sessions as well. And at that moment I realized that I could help people and give them the right direction on how to balance their Mind & Body and live consciously and happily without stressing too much.


Sometimes in life certain things happen on its own without your planning. Yes, it is good to plan but not always. We should Let the universe play its magic.

One must explore beyond their comfort level. And that is what I did. I had immersed deep into my research. I started to consistently write my book, which shifted my thoughts and opened new ways of thinking.

Learning and exploring is the tool for understanding your own self. Learning always opens the blockages in your mind and it breaks the barriers of a sub- conscious mind. It works like a vacuum cleaner and clears up all the dead, stale thoughts and changes the programming in your hard disk, which is your BRAIN.

Most of the times I used to wonder whether I would be doing the same thing for the rest of my life! And always one little inner voice would whisper “you have not come to this world just to work, earn, raise kids or make everyone happy. There is something special in you and you can be different.” And this thought was there in my sub-conscious mind. It is believed that when you enter a meditative phase in your life and learn to be quiet with your thoughts, you move closer to your purpose. You unknowingly start manifesting what you really want. And the same happened with me when I suddenly decided to start a new venture, FIND MY ‘ME’. This was completely my soul calling.

For me, the LOCK DOWN became FREEDOM, it reversed the entire philosophy for me.

FREEDOM of my mind, my surroundings, and so-called society.

I felt that I must help others around me and create a program which I am greatly confident about and which has actually helped me in my own thought process and transformed me completely to what I am TODAY.

Without any planning I was already helping and motivating a lot of people around me. I realized that I have the ability to motivate and help those people who are still struggling to understand the purpose of their life and are not aware of their own existence.

Find My ‘ME’ is an appropriate phrase for the kind of program, I am creating. As I am still finding MYSELF and I believe to find oneself is a lifelong process, in each stage of our lives we sometimes lose and then again trying to find our own self.

I am sure each one of us are also looking for these answers somewhere. Isn’t it?

Find my ‘ME’ is a Beginning to your journey of Self–Discovery, Self-Awareness, and identifying your True Purpose.

2020 has had a few downsides business wise but if you try to look at the bright side, I come to realize that it has been the best year for me to motivate me to make the best out of ‘ME’

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One thing I often avoid is being vulnerable. Being an only parent, I have been very strong and always been through challenges and difficult situations. For me, crying meant showing weakness and I used to feel that tears never solve any problems. I was always conscious about how my tears would be perceived. Would it show that I am weak? How would it make my children feel? As I never wanted my children to be weak and have any complex.

Since I did not want to show the world around me, the discomfort I faced, so I have always shown a stronger side of my personality.

But 2020 taught me a different lesson. “You can’t heal a wound if you keep pretending you are not bleeding.”

Unless you are not AWARE of your problem and do not accept it then how can you solve or HEAL it.

You are not feeling tired, frustrated, sad or anxious for no reason. Your emotions are a signal of what you are going through, even though you do not notice.

It is OK to feel low sometimes. It is OK to cry for no reason. It is OK not to do any activity all the time. It is OK to make mistakes. It is Ok to not be OK.

Not all days are sunshine and rainbows. And you are not a robot programmed to be happy 24/7. Listen to your inner voice. And it will lead you to your happy place.

What does 2020 mean to you?

These are all incredible lessons I learnt in this special year. What is your story? Share with me in the comment box, DM me or send mail on connect@vindikohli.com

HAPPY 2021 TO YOU. (2+0+2+1)


Lots of love and Affection💕😊

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