Significance of Navratri

Goddess of Fierce, Goodness, Knowledge and Enlightenment

Special Tips………

· Start your day and end your day with gratitude.

· Meditate for 20 minutes, Yoga, or exercise for 45 minutes. Walk for 20 minutes.

· Have herbal tea in the morning and after half an hour have Coconut water.

· If you can skip one meal and only have fruits and raw veggies. This will help in cleansing your process.

· Replace the sugar with jaggery.

· Avoid too much of dairy products. Ghee content in the food must be monitored to the maximum. To use only 2–3 teaspoons of pure ghee daily as well use only Pink Salt.

· Instead of juices, have seasonal fruits. Only seasonal Vegetables.

· Have minimum 3 litres of water in a day. Water can be plain or made detox by adding things like mint, lime, orange, apple etc. to it.

Vandana Raj — (Pen name — Vindi Kohli)😊

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Vindi Kohli

I am a founder of the ‘Find My ‘ME’ Holistic Healing Retreat, a Journey to Self-Discovery.

I’m on a mission to Aspire to Empower at least 1 million Working Professionals to get clarity in finding their True Inner Purpose by using the R.H.Y.T.H.M Mind model.




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Vindi Kohli

Vindi Kohli

A founder of Find My ‘ME’ a Holistic Healing Retreat. She is here to identify the True version of yourself & help you to Find the Inner Purpose of your life.