Spiritual Significance of Karwa Chauth-It is a time of gratitude, believe in yourself and look at yourself with a new vision.”

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It is a traditional festival which holds much significance in the Northern parts of India. From my childhood days, I have seen the traditions and rituals which are followed based on certain fixed patterns like the traditional way of eating and performing puja.

My mother was very modern and open-minded, but she never let go of some traditions and rituals which were close to her heart, which she followed in a certain way. I also adopted some of them and since my in-laws had modern thinking, I adopted the comfortable way of doing things.

My smile breaks when my children question me about why I am not familiar with customs and not aware of our traditions. I always believe that first, we should be comfortable what we are doing, whether it is our culture, tradition or any other activity, we must understand logically before we perform certain actions rather just following the crowd blindly.


I always say that everything our parents and ancestors did in their time was right for them at their time, but, as we move on a lot of changes take place over time. So, we need to move ahead with the time and update our actions, beliefs, and practices, and align them with our present circumstances and time. We need to ask ‘why’ we are doing certain actions and if we understand and comfortable then no harm to following that.

There is a beautiful story I read in one of the book (The Awakening) — which represent the fixed way of looking at the things.



One day a child was watching her mother prepare a lobster for lunch. ‘Why are you cutting off its tail?’ she asked. ‘Hmm,’ replied her mother, as she dropped the pieces into boiling water, ‘Now you ask, I’m not sure why. It’s something your Grandma showed me how to do.’ Curious, the little girl ran off to find her grandmother. ‘Grandma! Why do you cut off the lobster’s tail before you boil it?’ Her grandmother said, ‘No idea, to be honest. My mother always did it like that.’ The girl found her great-grandmother in her rocking chair. The old lady laughed. ‘Do they still do that? I just cut it up to fit it into my pan. Funny isn’t it? The two generations followed a practice blindly, which was done for a practical reason. This says it all. Follow and practice what you believe in and try to find it out why it is done before following it blindly.

I always asked my mom about all these festivals and traditions, ‘WHY’ are we doing it? But whenever I did not get any convincing reply, I made my understanding and adopted new style patterns for everything at my ease and belief.

Today my daughter asked me why I am keeping this Karwa Chauth Fasting, it is a tradition that is observed for husband. I always say that am keeping it for ME, and for you, as for me you all are my strength and always next to me.

Even regarding the story of Karwa Chauth, I always wonder what the true meaning of it is? we are just doing it because others are saying so.

While in my research I came across to the different story on Karwa Chauth on the spiritual aspect, totally different and logic outlook. Sharing with you, must-read, and let me know whether you are getting connected to….



A woman named Karwa was deeply devoted to her husband. Her intense love and dedication towards her husband gave her shakti (spiritual power). While bathing in a river, her husband was caught by a crocodile. Karva bound the crocodile with cotton yarn and asked Yama (the god of death) to send the crocodile to hell. Yama refused. Karva threatened to curse Yama and destroy him. Yama, afraid of being cursed by Pati-vrat (devoted wife), sent the crocodile to hell and blessed Karva’s husband with long life. Karwa and her husband enjoyed many years of wedded bliss. To this day, Karwa Chauth is celebrated with great faith and belief.

Initially, this festival was held only in North and North-Western parts of India. One of the reasons is that Karwa Chauth usually falls in that time of year when folks depart for a long-distance journey. Entire India was divided into many kingdoms governed by Kings.

Generally, War between these Kings used to take place and for war month of September/October was the right time to attack as there would be no rainfall and secondly, as there were no bridges across the river this time was the right time for War as water flow in river remain constant and less compared to the rainy season. The areas remained dry until the Monsoon is back. It is believed that women in that part of the region started observing fast for the wellbeing and prolonged life of their husbands who have set on a long journey.

The second reason is this period falls during the wheat sowing period, that is, the onset of Rabi crop season. People used to store wheat in big earthen clay pots which are known as ‘Karva’. So, Karva Chauth was started as a wish for reaping the good harvest in this wheat sowing region so that her husband and all family members will be happy.

Whatever history has to say, Karwa Chauth is now celebrated with great pomp and is considered as a very auspicious occasion for married women. This festival reinforces the bond of love between husband and wife and hence, is special for every married person.

Various reasons, a different perspective, and numerous stories weave around Karva Chauth. Our Indian culture has given us rituals and traditions in abundance, but the logic behind it which we fail to see. Our festivities, traditions, values are beautiful and bring everyone together, a reason to celebrate which we all look forward to it. Whatever be the traditions and rituals, when it is observed wholeheartedly, with belief, and complete understanding, it turns more beautiful and adds value to the celebration.

“Let the moon guide you through its brightness and shine. It is a time of gratitude, gracefully acknowledging your inner beauty. Invite synchronicity into your life and believe in you and look at yourself with a new vision.”

Happy Karwa Chauth!

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Lots of love and Affection💕😊

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