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5 min readJan 2, 2022

“Your Story Your Life — Be a Creator of your own life. Make it and create it the way you want.”

Be in Gratitude

I still remember when 2021 was going to start, a lot of doubt, a lot of insecure feelings as after the 2020 pandemic, I think we all were a little prejudiced about how life is going to take us… Isn’t it! 🙀…

Everything was standstill at that time. I didn’t have any clue how the business is going to pick up, all small business owners have lost hope, and we developed a lot of insecurity …

And at that moment I realized that If I am still alive then it means there is some reason, as I believe everything happens for the reason…So, there is a saying if one door closes, God opens another door for you.

Even though I was concerned about my work and every deworming working to find out the solutions to handle that tough time. On the contrary, that was the phase I really got time for myself, I got the opportunity to explore my own self… I did my S.W.O.T analysis and realized my own potential. That was the time I found out My Purpose, My Ikigai, got my reason to live…

I started 2021 with full acceptance and Gratitude 🙏…I got time to breathe in and take a Pause from my day to day affairs. Pause is always good, Pause gives us ideas, Pause gives hope, Pause gives us opportunities which we might have forgotten… Pause gives us an opening when everything is standstill…It works like safeguard and gives us clarity.

From that time, I learned to be calm and accept what is happening around me. I learned to trust myself. I feel I have not worked so much in my life as much as I have worked during this pandemic time. This time has helped me in exploring more into ME. I was totally out of my comfort zone and dived deep to excel in my skills. For me, 2021 is like an exploring year. That was the year I actually decided to be a Coach and started exploring my wings more widely and going into the depth of the coaching line…

As we all know that nothing you get on the platter, so, to be masters of our own subject, we need to explore and understand deeply …

As I was going into my own depth, I was able to understand my own strengths and weaknesses clearly. As I was going deeper, I was getting the clarity of my ‘IKIGAI’ and I felt that this is my purpose and that’s why I am still here and alive.

This year has helped me achieve the goal of becoming an Author. I never thought that I will ever write a book, I always had doubts about myself but these two years of my life have shown a different side of mine which I myself was not aware of and I wrote a book called Find my ‘ME’. Find My ‘ME’ is the platform for our Self-realization, Self- Healing where I have shared my life experiences and the lessons learnt from them.

I learned that no one is an expert ever. The ‘I KNOW’ attitude will never work. We all learn every day, every moment. As I am going deeper, my purpose is becoming clearer and more refined to me. It’s not necessary that what we plan always align with your vision … Lot of ups and downs come but most important is how ‘YOU ARE’ at that time of confusion, and how one handles that situation…It is completely our own choice, it’s in our control. Isn’t it?

Book — Find my ‘ME’

Life is like a rollercoaster, only thing is we need to tighten our ropes, hold the string tightly and will reach our destination.

We need to trust in all-mighty and everything happens wonderfully. 2021 was a blessed year for me, a new identity, I became a grandmother.😊 That’s the gifted universe that has given me and blessed me with a lot more courage, hope, responsibilities and opportunities.


Now we are entering another year 2022, starting with a New Hope, New Goals, New Vision and I’m hoping that this year it’s going to be better than 2021….

If we are determined and clear about our goals and dreams then one step is enough to reach our desired destination….If every year we are progressing step-by-step then it means that we are growing and going closer to our purpose. The purpose is nothing but the REASON TO LIVE…

I wish you all a very happy New Year and my message to you is that never lose your hope, life is about Possibilities and Possibilities only come to your life when you are open to them when you have trust in yourself, have faith in you. And more important when you are aligned with your values and ready to take an action. And if confused, take a Pause and start your journey again…😊😊

Look for your IKIGAI today….😊

Have a wonderful year ahead, Make specific goals and create your vision to fulfil, which eventually leads to your Success…

Have a wonderful day.😊😊❤️

Lots of love 💕

Vandana Raj — (Pen name — Vindi Kohli)

An Author ||A Life Designer ||Mentor ||Counsellor

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Vindi Kohli

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