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“Winners do not make excuses and they never procrastinate.”

“Procrastination is the act of unnecessarily postponing decisions or actions.”

For example, if we need to write a journal, our goals, intentions, or our feelings, but end up wasting time on the internet, social media even though we know that we should be working on this. That means, that we are procrastinating.

When I was in school, I knew that I need to perform but still used to waste a lot of time in playing, watching TV and ignoring my own responsibilities and then expecting to get better grades and results but always lacking.

Even in business, there was times when business were slow and I used to always say that clients are not coming or approaching but actually I was lazy in not networking, marketing, or creating new products for them, and instead wasted a lot of time in complaining and feeling pity and helpless.

When I was literally on bed for years, my back was too bad. And I used to always postpone my exercises for next day and complained that the doctors are not giving me the proper treatment and I am not improving. So basically, I was lazy and not ready to take an action which needs commitment and discipline and I was not ready for it and I ignored and postponed my health issues.

Procrastination is often harmful to people’s ability to successfully pursue their goals, for example

· Worse grades

· Lower salary at work

· Increased stress

· Worse physical and mental health

So, we always look for external reasons to blame, we never take ownership of our own actions and decisions.

So, let’s look at this, why do we procrastinate?

People are more likely to procrastinate when their goals are vague or abstract, compared to when their goals are concrete and clearly defined.

The other factors of procrastinate are because of their self-control and motivation, which might be delayed by factors such as tiredness, boredom, laziness, lack of confidence. And somewhere looking for rewards that are far in the future are over weighed by demotivating factors, such as anxiety and fear of failure.

Even having many options in life, can drag the decisions and therefore, we are unable to take the right action.

We should remember that procrastination will not help. So, to postpone your task to next day is the lack of clarity, self-esteem, laziness and majorly not having concrete goal plan.

Please understand that you will not become young, wise, or intelligent by postponing your goals for tomorrow. It shows lack of faith in yourselves and your inability to manage your time. Sitting on social media, internet, is wasting a lot your precious time and energy. Rather you use your energy and efficiency on your goals and career which at the end of the day will give you more happiness and success.

Sleeping late nights and getting up late, actually you are losing efficiency and losing opportunity to admire the beautiful golden mornings which is actually a gift to all of us and we are not valuing and wasting our time in over sleeping. In fact, Studies have proven that people who procrastinate the most suffer from insomnia.

Keep in mind that day by day we are getting older than yesterday, less courageous, and no one knows what is stored for us tomorrow.

See the example of pandemic, no one predicts this anytime. By procrastinating important tasks, we are postponing our success, health and happiness.


So today itself make your goal and without wasting any moment take immediate action.

· Cleanliness- If your space needs decluttering please do it today.

· Business- If In business, your planning is lacking, do it today. If you are planning to revamp your business, please make strategy today itself. So, take the help of external sources to sort the things out for you.

It says that if anything is existing that is THIS MOMENT, nothing else. So, make use of this moment and take right decision for yourself.

· Relationship — In relationship, if you want to forgive someone or thinking of patching up, please do it today.

· Forgiveness- If you want forgiveness from someone and thinking will go next time or feeling conscious to do, please act right away.

· Acknowledge- If you want to say your parents, children, siblings, or your friends that you love them, please do not postpone, say it today.

· Health — if you want to join Gym, Yoga or any other exercise please do not postpone, Join today itself.

· Spirituality — If you want to learn meditation please enroll today.

The most important is that sit now and make your Goals and set your intentions. And based on that take right actions…

So, let us remember- “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”


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